Carolyn Haushalter

Member Spotlight: Carolyn Haushalter

Carolyn is a well regarded kumihimo teacher and has been very gracious with her time teaching online classes for AKS members. Her most recent class featured her favorite braid, edo yatsu. Visit her website,, to find information on threads, beads, and kumihimo topics of interest such as, kongoh gumi Z spiral vs. S spiral.

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How I learned to Photograph My Braids

With my newfound love of Kumihimo, I wanted to combine my hobbies and start sharing the braids I created through photos. Jewelry seems to have particular challenges.  Thus, my quest to learn to take a better picture became my mission.  Whether you have a 35mm camera, a point-and-shoot, or you are using your cell phone, I think many of these tips will be helpful.

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