Links to the Basic Tutorials & Videos

How to attach a tama leader to fibers How to make a tama slipping hitch All you ever wanted to know about Japanese fibers Determining proper counterweight to tama ratio How to make a tama slipping hitch All you ever wanted to know about Japanese fibers

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Links to Beaded Braid Project Basics

Hand movements (diagram) for 2-drop Kohgoh on the disk, both Z and S spiral How to cut cords and fold the half at start How to stiffen cord ends using FrayCheck SLon and CLon cords – what size to use the beads Why use a dryer sheet for braiding?

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Cherie MacArthur

CHERIE MacARTHUR – Board Member at Large

Cherie started her Kumihimo adventure via bead weaving when her local bead store offered a Kumihimo class. Her first efforts were on a disk and resulted in many eight strand bracelets and necklaces. Through that same bead store Cherie met Jane Peterson which led to learning the Marudai,  joining the Cleveland Area Kumihimo Study Group […]

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Giovanna Imperia

GIOVANNA IMPERIA – Board Member at Large

Giovanna Imperia is the author of Kumihimo Wire Jewelry and many articles on braiding and weaving. Her work has been exhibited and is included in private and museum collections throughout the United States and internationally. Giovanna’s work focuses on the exploration of tactile and organic nature of fiber while pushing the boundaries of the expected […]

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Sherri Hodnefield


“AKS is a wonderful community of gifted, talented people who love to share their passion for braiding. When I first learned how to braid, I was looking for a hobby, but what I found was a way to express my own creativity, as well as, a group of women I want to spend time with,...

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Kim Tamarin

KIM TAMARIN – Secretary

My love of Japanese culture began almost 30 years ago while hosting homestay teach- ers. In 1998 I started Tambrook Bead & Trade, importing seed beads from TOHO Beads, many trips to Japan followed, deep- ening my love of the people and culture. Our interest in kumihimo led Adrienne and I to start the Japan Adventure […]

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Carol Benner

CAROL BENNER – Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Carol Benner was elected to the Board in 2018. Although she has been knitting, folding paper and doing other crafts for 40+ years, she was afraid to braid and even more afraid to use the marudai. She now says that has all changed! She loves and uses both the disk and the marudai. She is the […]

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Janis Saunders

JANIS SAUNDERS – Board Member at Large

“I am pleased to be involved with AKS as I am interested in educating braiders about what they love to do. My husband, Dave, and I met Rodrick Owen in 2001. After seeing some of Dave’s woodworking in our home, he asked him if he would be interested in building Japanese braiding equipment. After sleeping […]

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Jane Peterson

JANE PETERSON – Vice President of Programs

Jane Peterson began beading in 1996 and discovered Kumihimo braiding in 2010 when she took a Marudai Basics class with Adrienne Gaskell. As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner since 1988, she found she needed a creative outlet to balance her work life. The endless possibilities of braid structures along with bead stitches and techniques fascinates […]

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