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AKS 2020 Virtual Gathering

September 10: Purchased kits will start being sent to students. Supply lists have been updated and are currently listed with the class descriptions. Live sessions schedule: Live sessions will be held on Zoom over the first three Saturdays in October October 3 All times are EST 11:30am to 12:00pm Welcome and Protocols Adrienne Gaskell 12:15pm […]

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July 2020

Dear Friends of AKS,  Registration for the AKS Virtual Gathering 2020 opens for members this Saturday, July 18, 2020 at 12 noon ET. This event is going to be great and we can’t wait! The classes are listed on the website and below are some FAQs. The daily schedule with a complete list of FAQs will be […]

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Textural Braids – Octo Plate (D)

Instructor: Masumi Tada Students will learn how to make a variety of textured braids on the Octo plate including curved, twisted, serpentine, flat and wide.  These unconventional braid styles have many design possibilities, including contemporary jewelry and edging on clothing or fabric.  Students will learn how to achieve different textures using a variety of braiding […]

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7 strand pearl necklace with Yin Guang

7-Strand Pearl Necklace (D)

Instructor: Yin Guang This 7-Strand braided Pearl Necklace is created solely for the class of AKS virtual Gathering. The necklace features an artfully blended mix of beads in different sizes, colors and shapes. In the project, a pattern design is introduced for a beaded focal section in 7-Strand pearl necklace. This pattern design will open […]

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Three Braids – Three Bracelets (N)

Instructor: Katherine Buenger Using tin thread, a fine wire made of pewter and 4% silver that is wrapped around a fiber core, you will learn three very different looking braids. A four-strand round braid, a simple 6 strand braid, and a lovely 7 strand braid with a twist running down the center of it. Braids […]

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Master the Flow

Master the Flow: Transitions in Braids (M)

Instructor: Carolyn Oliver Moving from one braid structure to another in a single length of braiding material is a great way to add visual and tactile interest to a project. In this class students will learn how to make seamless transitions from one structure to another, including how to read the point of braiding to […]

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8-Element Braids

F-Frets to Flowers:
The Many Facets of Edo Yatsu Gumi

Instructor: Rosalie Neilson Edo Yatsu Gumi, when interlaced in a single color, is the 8-element braid used most frequently to accompany a focal bead in a necklace. However, when Edo Yatsu is worked with two colors, the braid itself becomes a patterned cord that can be used as a necklace. Learn how to transpose the […]

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Braided Splendor

Braided Splendor (D)

Instructor: Rebecca Combs The Braided Splendor pushes the limited of what’s possible with beaded kongoh gumi.  In this class, you’ll learn how to manipulate the structure of the braid using a precise bead count to create the illusion of hand-stitched beaded beads.  Other techniques include braiding around a core and dropping multiple beads at once. […]

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Takadai on Octoplate

Takadai Braids on the Octo Plate (D)

Instructor: Giovanna Imperia Always wanted to learn to braid on the Takadai but never had the time or space for more equipment? Rejoice! With some minor adjustments, it is possible to use the Octo plate to make some one layer Takadai braids using up to 25 tama.  Because of the Octo plate design, the braids […]

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