Instructor: Rosalie Neilson

Class: Sunday, May 23, 2021, 1:30pm – 3:30pm Eastern Time

Zoom links will be added here for class.

Q&A session: Saturday, June 5, 2021, 1:15pm – 1:45pm Eastern Time

Class Description:

Making two-color Kongō Gumi braids is a lot of fun as there are over one thousand different patterns to choose from. But what happens to a particular pattern when you switch from a Z-spiral to an S-spiral direction? Will the pattern stay the same?

If you are interlacing a solid striped braid, the answer is YES. The stripes will switch from a Z- to an S-spiral direction. But if you are interlacing a braid with a specific pattern, changing directions will more than likely change the design. However, through trial and error, I was able to find a series of 2-color braids that maintain the same pattern whether interlaced in the Z- or the S-spiral direction.

Learn how to switch from a Z-spiral to S-spiral braid, and practice some of the variations that yield the same patterned braid in both directions.

Prerequisite: none

All needed materials will be listed in complete detail when registration closes. Students will provide their own materials to create these braids.

Class Instructions:



Marudai, 16 Tama, Counterweight bag with 45 % weight of combined Tama, chopstick.

Can also be adapted to the foam braiding disk.

Suggested book resource written by Rosalie Neilson (not a requirement): Kongō Gumi: A Cacophony of Spots – Coils – Zags – Line. While the book is not required for this class it is available during the Virtual Gathering at a reduced price of $45.00 which includes shipping. If interested please contact Rosalie directly at

Supply List:

  • Two colors of fiber of your choice at a minimum, although four colors will allow you more options in braiding. For her samplers Rosalie is using Japanese precut silk and cuts one bundle in half and then folds it in half again. This provides approximately 27 inches of fiber for each tama.