Instructor: Adrienne Gaskell

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Class Description:

In addition to making a unique tassel necklace this class offers students an opportunity to learn techniques that can be used in future projects: 

  • Adding different numbers of beads into a braid, two beads on some cords and single beads on other cords, rather than the typical one bead per cord
  • Braiding around a core
  • Design for making an elegant ombre blend tassel
  • A simple technique to incorporate crystal accents mid braid without the difficulty of counting beads

Prerequisite: Proficiency making a beaded kongoh braid on the disk or marudai.

All needed materials will be listed in complete detail at the end of February. Students will be able to provide their own materials to create the necklace as shown in their choice of bead colors.


Project can be made on a round disk or a marudai
Round disk, 8 plastic bobbins, counterweight (optional)
Marudai, 8 weighted tama, 25% counterweight, and chopstick


Project Materials

• 6º beads – 2 colors, 20g each
• 3mm Toho magatama* teardrop beads – 2 colors, 24g each
*Miyuki slanted long magatama beads can not be substituted for the Toho magatama teardrop beads
• 11º beads – up to 10 colors to make a ombre blend, about 3g each, or a total of 30g
• 15º beads – same color as the last bead in the tassel, 0.5g
• Swarovski* 4mm 5040 rondelle beads, 125 beads, crystal red magma.
*Other brands of crystals may be substituted but they need to be roundelle shaped, bicone or round shaped crystals will not work
• Magnetic clasp, 8mm approximate outside diameter
• Slon or CLon Tex 135 fine cord – olive or beaded braid color, 60 ft.
• Beading thread, orange or tassel bead color (One-G, KO, or similar – Fireline is not recommended)
• Core – soft nylon cording about 1mm diameter, 5 ft.
• 3/8 in wide grosgrain ribbon, 3 in.
• Vinyl tubing – needs to be soft and flexible, 6 to 8mm outside diameter, approximately 1 in.

Student Supply List in Addition to Necklace Materials:

Big eye needle or bead spinner with needle
Beading needle #11 or #12
Bead mat
Measuring tape
Cord Zapper
Crimping pliers, hemostat or jeweler’s pliers
Magnifiers recommended for making the tassel
Two part epoxy glue for gluing the clasp

Class Instructions: