Instructor: Masumi Tada

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Class Description:

At the AKS October Virtual Gathering, Masumi Tada taught several innovative flat braids on the “new” Octo Plate. Now, Masumi is back with more! She has two new braids for the Octo Plate that are both Sasanami variations. The new braids with elevated and sculptured elements and folds are bold and elegant, and perfect for necklaces, bracelets or decoration. A great class for students new to the Octo Plate!

Prerequisite:  None

Student Supply List:

  • Octo Plate
  • 24 EZBobs (plastic bobbins medium size – 1 7/8 in.)
  • Japanese pre-cut metallic fiber:
    Textural Braid 1 Bracelet (top bracelet in photo): 3 ropes (12 sections/bundles) 24 tama pack. This will be enough for 2 bracelets or 1 necklace (2nd braid in photo) If using a 16 tama pack the sections/bundles will need to be divided with half as many threads. Splitting the fiber will not be taught in class.
    Textural Braid 2 Necklace (the two bottom braids in photo): 6 ropes (24 sections/bundles) 24 tama pack
    – or – 3 ropes (12 sections/bundles) 16 tama pack
  • Note: sells pre-cut metallics in 16 tama packs only sells pre-cut metallics in 24 tama packs