Instructor: Giovanna Imperia

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Class Description:

Baby Takadai braids are all diagonal structures — where bundles are moved from one side of the stand to the opposite side of the stand.  When using multiple colors, this creates diagonal stripes.  However, it is possible to create single color vertical stripes anywhere in the braid,  as well as single color squares in the center of the braid.  In this virtual session, you will learn how these color blocks can be achieved anywhere in the braid.  

Additionally, you will learn how to use supplemental warps to frame sections of your braid, and how to create central stripes or borders.

You will be able to braid two separate samples plus any additional braids you may choose to do:

  • One 4 colors color block sampler
  • One 2 colors sampler with a supplemental warp

These two techniques — by themselves or combined — can open up all sorts of new design opportunities easily translatable into jewelry.

Recommended Prerequisites:

While these prerequisites are not mandatory, it is recommended that students already know the following as these topics will not be covered in class. However, all of these were covered in the October AKS Virtual Gathering class and instructional videos are available below.

  • How to measure a warp from cones or spools
  • How to attach the warp to the equipment (either Baby Takadai or regular Takadai)
  • How to add weight to the EZ bobs
  • How to attach the warp to the EZ Bobs or other bobbins
  • How to advance the braid on the Baby Takadai or regular Takadai
  • How to braid basic one-layer structures such as the plain weave (Anda Gumi and twills on the Baby Takadai or regular Takadai

Student Supply List:

  • 29 weighted EZ bobs (normally they weigh 24 gr)
  • Additional weights for the EZ Bobs (total weight for each: 30gr)
  • Mercerized cotton yarn from Lunatic Fringe Yarns (, use colors of your choice but make sure they are contrasting:
    Size: 10/2
    Colors: 4 to 6 colors
    Quantity: mini cones of 1.5 oz
  • One 1 oz cone of metallic yarn (Abigail) also from Lunatic Fringe Yarns


Baby Takadai
There are currently no baby takadai available for purchase. If students are interested in being on a wait list for a new baby takadai please contact Adrienne Gaskell,

Instructional Videos: