Instructor: Makiko Tada

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This pattern creates a braid with round and flat areas. Makiko will introduce an innovative technique that creates openings to reveal an inside braid of a different color. Makiko says “I was so happy when I discovered how to make this and it is not so difficult after you know how to move the threads.”

Prerequisite: Advanced marudai braider proficient making 16 to 24 tama braids on the marudai.

Additional skills required:

• Prepping and setting up Japanese pre-cut silk for braiding on the marudai 

• Attaching silk to tama using tama leaders

Class Supply List:

Japanese pre-cut silk, either 16 tama or 24 tama pack will work
2 ropes of color A and 2 ropes of color B (2 ropes = 8 bundles/sections)

For best effect use fibers with high contrast colors.
Note: Sample braids in photo are made with 24 tama pack.

Suppliers of Japanese pre-cut silk: sells 16 tama packs sells 24 tama packs


Marudai, 16 tama with leaders, 50% counter weight and chopstick.