Kumihimo Math: Introduction to Counted Fades


Instructor: Rebecca Ann Combs

Learn to plan out exactly how many beads you need per section when designing with both solid color and patterned blocks. You’ll also learn how to accurately estimate the length of your design based on the number of seed beads in the pattern. Bring your calculator! Apply what you’ve learned in the lecture portion of the class by modifying popular my “Three Color Fade” pattern to the perfect length for you while keeping the original design’s proportions. This project can be completed on either the disk or the marudai. Most students will not finish the necklace in class.

Kit: $65.00, includes instructions, needle, size 18 Superlon, O beads, 4mm magnetic endcap, binding thread, E6000 glue. Kit has enough materials to make one necklace up to 25” long.

Equipment provided by the student: Your choice of using either the foam disk or marudai.

Foam Disk Equipment List: Calculator, writing materials, scissors, kumihimo disk (regular thickness), 8 weighted bobbins (~23 grams each), clip-on center weight (~45 grams), beading mat

Marudai Equipment List: Calculator, writing materials, marudai, 8 Tama (70 grams each), adjustable center weights approx. 138-184 grams, chopstick, blue painters tape, beading mat

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: Students should be proficient in beaded 8-warp kongoh gumi on their choice of equipment (disk or marudai.)