One Braid … Many Designs

Instructor: Giovanna Imperia

Design variations can be created in a braid by simply organizing threads in different ways on the Marudai without changing the structure (i.e., using the same set of moves that make a given structure). In this class, students will experiment with one of the most familiar braid structure — kongoh – and explore a range of design variations. By organizing threads in different configurations – both balanced and unbalanced — on the Marudai, students will be able to create interesting and innovative designs. These designs can be made even more interesting by using non-traditional materials.

Kit: $40.00; Includes instructions, and students will be able to choose from a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials.

Equipment provided by the student: Marudai, 16-24 tama (70, 85, 100 gr), appropriate counterweight, S-hook to attach counterweight bag to the braid, chopstick, scissors, warping pegs or C clamps to measure the materials they will use to braid. Please note: all tama must have leaders!

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: Students must know how to braid a variety of 8-strands braids on the Marudai. They should also be comfortable with 12 or 16 strands braids and know how to set up a braid on the Marudai