Electric Heartbeat

Instructor: Rebecca Ann Combs

In this exciting, electric-charged class you’ll explore the fascinating relationship between the structures of Edo Yatsu and Kongoh Gumi! Learn how to transition between the two braids while simultaneously transitioning between dropping beads and continuous beads. You’ll also learn how to calculate the number of beads needed for the project and how to visually estimate the amount of counterweight required throughout the project. Stringing beads at home prior to class is required homework that will enable you to spend your class time braiding. You’ll set up your homework on a disk for easy transport and transfer it to your marudai in class

Kit: $45.00, includes instructions, needle, size 18 Superlon, size 8⁰ Toho seed beads in five colors, 8mm endcap with toggle clap, binding thread, E6000 glue. Kit has enough materials to make one necklace up to 21” long. Multiple colorways will be available

Equipment provided by the student: Scissors, marudai, 8 Tama (70 grams each), 250 grams adjustable counterweights, chopstick, blue painters tape, beading mat, pliers to attach a clasp, task lamp and magnification (if needed)

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: Intermediate. Proficiency in beaded Kongoh Gumi on the marudai is required. Previous experience with Edo Yatsu is helpful, but not required.