Dual Spiral Hybrid

Instructor: Stephanie Eddy

Create a bracelet and necklace using a16-strand, dual-section, spiral design technique, inspired by the spiraling effects of the Laramie Braid. This is a new twist on the laramie, incorporating metallic cord and a dimensional floral design. Learn the basics of the 5-bead spiral approach to design, as well as structure and finishing techniques.

Kit: $40.00, includes all Czech and Japanese glass beads, metallic cording, findings for a bracelet and necklace, internal structures and wire, along with Stephanie’s braiding disk and start-up core elements. All bead, cord, and finding for the project included in the kit cost.

Equipment provided by the student: Students will need 16 plastic bobbins and sharp scissors. For wirework finishing: Wire cutter, round nosed and flat nosed pliers.

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: Students should be proficient with the basic Laramie braiding technique.