Demi-licious Beaded Bracelet

Instructor: “Braider Bob” Galivan

Learn how to make a unique and lovely kumihimo bracelet with endless possibilities for design variations. Using a blend of Toho hex, demi, round, and magatama beads, students will focus on designing patterns for the bracelet. Then you will master the adaptation of the traditional Anda-gumi kumihimo braid, worked on the square plate. In the weeks before the class, the instructor will work online with students to define colorways and patterns, so that the class can focus on technique and braiding.

Kit: $65.00, includes Square Braiding Plate, TOHO’s Amiet thread, #8 beads in various colors/shapes for the project, magnetic clasp.

Equipment provided by the student: Scissors, measuring tape, plastic bobbins (optional), magnifiers, task lamp

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: This project is designed for any skill level. It is an adaptation of the Anda-gumi braid; students who are familiar with that braid may make faster progress, but the techniques of incorporating beads into the structure with the instructor’s adaptations introduce new skills to the process, so in a sense, everyone is a beginner.