Wire Lariat with felt balls

Instructor: Giovanna Imperia

In this class, students will design their own lariat with felted balls and wire. They will be able to choose their own 8-strands braid structure and will learn how to integrate felted balls and Jelly Yarn ® in the design. Students’ creativity will come into play when deciding color schemes as well as when and how to integrate these supplemental elements. The same approach can be used with other types of embellishments such as different styles of beads and different types of cording materials.

Kit: $45.00, includes a selection of wire, pre-made felted balls, Jelly Yarn®, instructions.

Equipment provided by the student: Marudai, 16-24 tama (70, 85, 100 gr), appropriate counterweight, S hook to attach counterweight bag to the braid, chopstick, scissors, warping pegs or C clamps to measure the materials they will use to braid. Please note: all tama must have leaders!

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: Students must be comfortable braiding a variety of 8-strands braids on the Marudai. How to braid with wire is not required but desirable