Inside Out A Study in 8 &16 element braiding

Instructor: Rosalie Neilson

Two braid structures are the basis of this kumihimo study: 8-element Edo Yatsu Gumi and 16-element Kongo Gumi. The braid will start with a loop of Edo Yatsu Gumi in the middle. Eight more Tama are added to continue with a 2-color variation study of Kongo Gumi interlacement. Braiders will be supplied with a core during the workshop to see what happens when one of the colors is taken out of action by placing the Tama on the arms of a core stand. The braid will continue with 8-element Edo Yatsu hiding the inactive color. When the hidden elements are brought back into action, braiders will continue exploring Kongo Gumi. At intervals, Color A appears on the outside surface of the braid with Color B hidden and vice versa. There are 347 different 2-color variations. The book, Kongo Gumi: A Cacophony of Spots – Coils – Zags – Lines will be the source for design variations.

Kit: $25.00 for coil-bound handout and use of Kongo Gumi books. Core Stands provided by Bob Galivan / Braiderbob Studios, will be available for purchase.

Equipment provided by student: Marudai, 16 Tama,Two Weight bags with weight 45% of total weight of 8 tama – sometimes one bag will be used, sometimes two, Chopstick, Tape Measure, S-hook, Scissors, Silk or Synthetic Silk – 8 elements color A and 8 elements color B Available through Braidershand (elements are packaged 4 elements per bag — need 2 bags color A, 2 bags color B

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: Familiarity with two braids … 8-element Edo Yatsu Gumi and 16-element Naiki. Students must know how to set up a braid on the Marudai