Instructor: Jacqui Carey

End the conference with some pure silk indulgence, and create the perfect souvenir or take home gift. This design of English elegance creates a necklace by bringing together a tufted silk braid, ribbon and beads. It applies a concept that can be re-used with alternative materials.

Kit: $35.00, includes Silk threads, ribbon, glass beads, beading thread, and needle.

Equipment provided by the student: Marudai, 12 weighted tama with leaders, counterbalance weights (40%-60%), weight-bag, chopstick, S-hook. Sharp pointed scissors. Note: students need to work comfortably at their marudai, and should bring a cushion/stool/box if required.

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: Detailed instruction will be given for each stage of the process, so could potentially be for a beginner. However, as the project is a gentle challenge, it will be rated as “intermediate” level, so that there are no illusions that some effort will be required! Students must know how to set up a braid on the Marudai.