Memorandum Ensconced Vessel

Memorandum Ensconced Vessel

Stephanie Eddy
Class Date: Sunday, October 28th

The Laramie Braid takes on a new spiral dimension, using wire and beads to form a 3-dimensional vessel that is presented as a tassel necklace. The independent vessel has a removable top cap and room to insert an inspirational note inside. This 12-strand braid also lends itself to create spiral-wired beads, which add an elegant accent to compliment the matching vessel design.

Kit: $40.00, includes all bead, cord and finding for the project included in the kit cost.

Equipment provided by student: Wire cutters, along with round nosed and flat nosed pliers.

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: Must be proficient in the basic Laramie braiding technique. Experience working with wire is preferred.