Compound Braids

Compound Braids

Giovanna Imperia
Class Date: Sunday, October 28th

In this class, students will learn how to create interesting braid designs by interlocking two sets of braid structures. In this type of compound braids, two groups of threads are treated as separate braids – each with its own set of moves. The two structures are then interconnected somewhere along the braiding process to create a more complex design.
Kit: $35.00Yes, Pre-cut kumihimo silk, instructions. $35. Students are welcome to bring their own yarns that we can integrate into the braids.

Equipment provided by student: Marudai, 16 to 24 tama (70, 85, or 100 gram), appropriate counterweight, S hook to attach counterweight bag to the braid, chopstick, scissors, warping pegs or C clamps to measure the materials that we will use to braid with. Please note: all tama must have leaders!

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: Students must be comfortable braiding a variety of 8-strand braid structures on the Maru