The American Kumihimo Association, Inc. is a Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation. As of now, we have not received approval for our 501(c)(3) application from the Internal Revenue Service. When we are approved, the site will be updated to reflect the change in status.

Our organizational structure is a non-member non-profit corporation. Our governing body is a Board of Directors, with an Executive Committee comprised of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom are elected by the board. At this time, our Board consists of:


Our organizational documents consist of our Articles of Incorporation, our Bylaws, Standing Rules (pending approval), Conflict of Interest Policy, and our Privacy Policy.These documents can be reviewed in the Organization Documents section of this website.

In our bylaws, we have established three Standing Committees: Governance, External Affairs, and Internal Affairs. The board is empowered to create new committees as needed to serve specific purposes or needs.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is chaired by our President, Adrienne Gaskell. It’s purpose is to assist the Board in carrying out its due diligence function related to healthy development, composition, and operation of the board, its committees, including the Advisory Committee, and task forces, and performance of individual board members

External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee is chaired by board member Jane Peterson. It’s function is to handle all external issues, including fundraising, public relations, membership, Social media, Events, and marketing

Internal Affairs Committee

The Internal Affairs Committee is chaired by the Treasurer, Robert Galivan. It is responsible for all internal and operational issues, including those related to finance,human resources, and facilities.

We have also established an Advisory Council consisting of members from the International Braiding Community. The Advisory Council’s purpose is to provide guidance to the board as to the focus, direction, and programs offered by AKS.