Adding a Button Link

Adding a Button to a Post or Page.
Use the ADD SHORTCODE icon above.
First, place the cursor where you want to add the button.
You do not have permission to view this form.
Click on Add Shortcode which brings up a form wizard to fill out.
In the form:
The Button form is the first one (see left side bar) so it should come up automatically.
1. Color – choose your button color (i.e. purple)
2. Text – type in the text to appear on your button
3. Link – type or paste in the URL link info
Create a new Post for the form. Put the form shortcode in the editor area.
Use that URL for the button.
4. Size – leave at Default unless you prefer something different. You can change and test to decide what you like best for that application.
5. Target – usually a New Window is preferred
6. Block Display – false. Block display ‘true’ means it will go completely across the page from left to right margin.
[INSERT SHORTCODE]  (lower right corner)