AKS Leadership

The American Kumihimo Society is a 501(c)(3)

AKS Board of Directors

PRESIDENT: Adrienne Gaskell
SECRETARY: Kim Tamarin
TREASURER: Sherri Hodnefield
BOARD MEMBER: Carol Benner
BOARD MEMBER: Giovanna Imperia
BOARD MEMBER: Janis Saunders

Meet our Board


AKS Committees

AKS Gathering/Events: Margaret Jeppesen & Kim Tamarin, Co-chairs
Blog/Content Editor: Adrienne Gaskell, acting interim chair
Braiding GlossaryJanis SaundersGiovanna Imperia, and Michael Hattori
By-Laws/Governance: Carol Benner, chair
eCourse Administrator: Randy Spicocchi
Education: Jane Peterson, Chair & Janis Saunders
Finance and Development: Sherri Hodnefield
Membership: Jean Woodcock, Chair & Carolyn Kerr
Newsletter: Carol Benner, Chair & Debbie Mutter
Social Media: Beth Hardy, Chair
Volunteers: Barb Gores, Chair
Website: Adrienne Gaskell, acting interim chair