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In Color Theory Simplified you will become more confident about selecting exciting color combinations You will talk like a fine artist and throw around terms like saturation, temperature, and value and be totally unafraid of splitting every complement. You will be using your own kumihimo and beading supplies as well as anything in your home, wardrobe, or magazines that works for the assignment to make the elements of color theory come alive.

Experience Level: All Levels

Materials List:
A notebook for sketching and keeping notes. Everything needed for the lessons will be things you have on hand around your house or in your kumihimo supplies.

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Course Available: March 9, 2019 – March 9, 2020

Registration Now Open

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This eStudy Group will progress through the book learning a variety of braids starting with a simple 4 strand braid and gradually working up to 24 strand braids. Adrienne will also cover how to understand the book notations and how they relate to Western marudai equipment.

Prerequisite: Participants must have a copy of the book and Maru-dai equipment as listed in the Supply & Materials List below.

Important Note: The books are currently out of print and not  available from any of the regular suppliers. A new printing is in the works but it will not be in time for this eStudy Group.

Download Supply & Material List

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Registration:  now open until August 23, 2019

eCourse Content Available: until February 23, 2020

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CBB (Continuous Beaded Braids) are braids that are made with strands of beads in place of fiber strands. This eCourse is marudai based and will guide students through an in-depth study of CBB as well what is unique for the marudai when making these types of braids. Each unit will explore different aspects of the process as well as different braid structures.

Prerequisite: Students will need marudai equipment, however, marudai experience is not required.

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Course Available: July 25, 2018 through December 31, 2019

Registration: Now open

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