• As Roslie suggested, I chose to map out the moves on a piece of paper. It showed how many repetitions of the sequence is needed to return to the original layout for each braid. Unlike for Spirals and Stripes, for F-Fret to Flowers there didn’t seem to be a layout anywhere in the sequences that lined up for the alternate braid (S-Slant to Z-Slant). I must say that I really like the Edo Yatsu x 2 (Kawari Edo Yatsu I – modified eight in Makiko Tada’s Comprehensive Treatise of Braids I: Marudai) the best for both the S-Slant and Z-Slant Braids. The flowers are so sweet. When it becomes available, I’m interested in experimenting with the additional information on the flowers that was discussed in class. The Edo-Yatsu x 1 also made a nice pattern, but I think the Edo Yatsu x 3 (Yatsu Oimatsu – old pine tree eight) to look pretty messy and likely will not use it in the future, except in a sample braid situation.

    • Hi Jane … For Braid 20 … the Z-spiral layout —do two clockwise and two counterclockwise steps, followed by 3 clockwise and 2 counterclockwise, you will isolate a flower with arrows either side. Keep repeating over and over … I tried switching colors to every other one, but am not sure I was successful in doing so. I’ll post what I did.