Rosa Van Tijn

  • 16AA and 16AB

    I had some fun with 16AA and 16AB.

    The yarns are handspun, I have quite a stash of small amounts of handspun sock-weight. I arranged the yarns according to their color, to see what that would do. I first did 16AA, and was delighted at the corner ridges. They show a nice cycle of colors. Each tama has 4 ends of sock-weight.

    Towards the end, I…[Read more]

  • This is 8M Hira Yatsu, used as string to tie the petals of the tea cosy.

    The yarn is 8 strands of polyester quilting thread per tama. The threads were a bit springy, but once I got going, it got easier to work with. The CW was 150 grams only, because any heavier and the POB sank below the well too much. The colors of the threads were chosen to…[Read more]

  • I made 8K and 16U and saw how 16U is a direct expansion of 8K. So…. could I figure out how to expand the braid again to 24 tama?

    I used the same yarns and color lay-out for all three braids. The dark green is two strands of chenille per tama, and the light green is 8 strands of laceweight silk (loom waste that I kept). I am thrilled that I was…[Read more]

  • For 16T, I used raffia. I like the idea that I can make a short sample braid using unusual yarns. Sampling is much easier this way than with weaving!

    The raffia isn’t real raffia, but synthetic raffia that I bought in Belgium years ago. It makes a cool braid! Perhaps raffia can be used as accent yarn in later braids, just like the chenille I used…[Read more]

  • I used chenille for this braid, just to see what would happen. It became a soft an squishy braid. The stitch definition is practically zero, as expected. I used 2 ends per tama, 6 green elements and 2 blue ones. The result is a nice green braid with little blue stripes. Very cool.

    The braid looked a little sad after braiding, because the chenille…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Carolyn.
    My marudai is a wobbly home-made affair. Tama of 16 grams (cardboard with a heavy washer stuck to it) is as much as I dare to use, especially with 16 ends rather than 8.
    However, rumour has it that my brother is building a sturdy marudai (based on Michael Hattori’s plan) for me for my birthday. Fingers crossed!

  • Loom weight

    I inserted a lead loom weight into the braid and braided 16N around it, tightening the braid to make a good-fitting sleeve for the loom weight. After I took the braid off the marudai, I bound off the beginning and end so that the loom weight won’t fall out.
    I made several, and they look and feel great.

  • 8D by Rosa

    This is 8D, made with DK cotton. I handsewed it as trim on this shirt. I love the look of it.

  • These are my two braids of Week 1. The blue braid doesn’t have much  contrast, but was nice to do. It is a very pretty blue, and a sturdy braid. The comments from other people and from Carolyn were extremely helpful in making a straight braid and not a spiral.

    The pale braid didn’t turn out quite as I had thought, the colors didn’t work together…[Read more]