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    • Hi Jane … in case anyone else is wondering, the letters and numbers 5 a and 3 b refer to how many colors there are in an 8 element braid. That way, if you want to make a sampler for all the braids that have five elements color a andthree elements color b, you can find all the similar ones and start braiding.
      Braids 13 and 16 in the Edo Yatsu book are actually color reversals of each other …. but might not seem so obvious. Braid 13 shows a Letter I in green, whereas Braid16 shows the Letter I in black. They are reverse diagonals. Braid 13 is S-Slant and Braid 16 is Z-Slant. To emphasize the reverse diagonals, I made an extra diagram next to each of these braids where the Letter I is colored the same in both braids. Hope that makes sense.