AKS Presents Marudai Basics

Presented by Carol Franklin

Thanks for your interest! This course is underway, but please monitor the AKS website and Facebook group for upcoming Braider’s Dozen Classes. You can join the Andean Hand-Braiding class at any time!

About this Class

This class is a month-long study of the skills necessary to create traditional fiber-only braids on the marudai. You will be creating at least one braid each week as we explore the four different ways that the tama can be moved around the kagami, or top of the marudai. Carol has prepared a short video about the class:

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/07rWwFqlGhw” align=”center”/]

Marudai Basics Supply List

  • A Japanese-style marudai
  • Eight tama of equal weight (you may also use sixteen tama if you like)
  • Loose weights whose total weight equals 60% of the total combined weight of your tama
  • A bag to hold the counterweight
  • An “S” hook
  • A small loop of a soft but sturdy yarn
  • A Chopstick
  • Fiber to braid with

You are free to choose the fiber you prefer to braid with, but please avoid any non-uniform (slubby or textured) yarns, or “sticky” fibers such as wool. The best results will be obtained with multiple (20+) strands of small, smooth thread for each tama. I will be using pre-measured Imposter or Silk for the demonstration braids. These pre-measured fibers are available from www.braidershand.com, www.careycompany.com, and www.giovannaimperia.com, Both the Silk and the Imposter are sold in “ropes” which consist of four sections. Each section will be used to wind two tama, so you will need a minimum of 4 “ropes” to complete all four braids if you are planning to use eight tama. Choose at least two colors for each braid. If you have never used Imposter, avoid dark green and dark purple, which tend to tangle more easily.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via private message on Facebook or at my personal email address.