Our Latest Member Benefit: Braider’s Dozen

The American Kumihimo Society is very excited to announce our latest member benefit: AKS Braider’s Dozen! Designed as a series of short duration, on-line courses, Braider’s Dozen will bring some of the braiding community’s best instructors to you, presenting a variety of topical material on braiding techniques. The courses will be released on a “soft” monthly schedule, starting on January 10th. The AKS website and the AKS Facebook forum will have details of each class, including registration details, for members to review.

Coming up

  • August: Thick & Thin, hosted by Shirley Berlin
  • September: Disc to ‘Dai with Carol Brenner
  • October: Continuous Beaded Braids replay by Adrienne Gaskell
  • November: The Anda-gumi braid with Bob Galivan
  • December: Dye Workshop: Using Natural Dyes & Pigments to Color Silk and Cotton Threads, by Susan Basch


Signing Up for Braider’s Dozen

We are currently offering Braider’s Dozen classes in two formats: Hosted on AKS’ website or via Facebook. The courses hosted on our website are not live – they are module-based with discussion forums on Facebook. The Facebook courses feature a live video component and discussion in the same group. We will announce the venue for the remaining classes on the class page.

Facebook-led classes are accessed in the assigned Facebook group. AKS-hosted classes can be found on your class page. Note that Facebook classes do not appear on the member page.

In 2018, we are working to develop a new consolidated platform that will let us host all of our courses in one location. Stay tuned!

What You’ll Gain from Braider’s Dozen

Our goal at AKS is to extend the knowledge of braiding to our member community. The courses in Braider’s Dozen are designed to introduce core concepts in braiding so that you can deepen your knowledge, learn new techniques, or discover a new braiding passion. We’re working very hard to design programs such as this one to share our knowledge with you.