If you would like to submit an event to be included on our calendar, please complete the form below. PLEASE read the restrictions carefully so that we can post your event as soon as possible!

  1. ONLY events relating to kumihimo or related braiding events will be considered for submission.
  2. An “Event” can be any offering open to the public (i.e. the braiding community) such as a class, a demonstration, conference, etc. It cannot be a sales or promotional type of event.
  3. The event must offer hands-on instruction to attendees.
  4. Submitting the event to us does not guarantee inclusion in our calendar. All events are reviewed for appropriateness before being added to our calendar.
  5. We suggest that you review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before submitting your event.


Calendar Submission
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Event Date and Time

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Event Costs and Fees

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Organizer / Registration

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Here is where you can generate excitement about your event! Include details, instructors, project information, etc. Grab your viewer's attention in the first sentence, then go on to tell us why we should attend. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY LINKS - WEB LINKS OR EMAIL ADDRESSES IN THIS SECTION!!!