Three Braids – Three Bracelets (N)

Instructor: Katherine Buenger Using tin thread, a fine wire made of pewter and 4% silver that is wrapped around a fiber core, you will learn three very different looking braids. A four-strand round braid, a simple 6 strand braid, and a lovely 7 strand braid with a twist running down the center of it. Braids […]

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Braided Splendor

Braided Splendor (D)

Instructor: Rebecca Combs The Braided Splendor pushes the limited of what’s possible with beaded kongoh gumi.  In this class, you’ll learn how to manipulate the structure of the braid using a precise bead count to create the illusion of hand-stitched beaded beads.  Other techniques include braiding around a core and dropping multiple beads at once. […]

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Silky Star

Silky Star (D or M)

Instructor: Rebecca Combs The Silky Star** combines beaded kongoh gumi with bead stitching to create an elegantly embellished necklace.  Learn how to follow a kumihimo stringing chart and how to modify the count for other lengths.  Once you understand the concept, the design possibilities are endless. **This class is a pre-recorded offering affording access at […]

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