Textural Braids – Octo Plate (D)

Instructor: Masumi Tada Students will learn how to make a variety of textured braids on the Octo plate including curved, twisted, serpentine, flat and wide.  These unconventional braid styles have many design possibilities, including contemporary jewelry and edging on clothing or fabric.  Students will learn how to achieve different textures using a variety of braiding […]

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7 strand pearl necklace with Yin Guang

7-Strand Pearl Necklace (D)

Instructor: Yin Guang This 7-Strand braided Pearl Necklace is created solely for the class of AKS virtual Gathering. The necklace features an artfully blended mix of beads in different sizes, colors and shapes. In the project, a pattern design is introduced for a beaded focal section in 7-Strand pearl necklace. This pattern design will open […]

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Braided Splendor

Braided Splendor (D)

Instructor: Rebecca Combs The Braided Splendor pushes the limited of what’s possible with beaded kongoh gumi.  In this class, you’ll learn how to manipulate the structure of the braid using a precise bead count to create the illusion of hand-stitched beaded beads.  Other techniques include braiding around a core and dropping multiple beads at once. […]

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Takadai on Octoplate

Takadai Braids on the Octo Plate (D)

Instructor: Giovanna Imperia Always wanted to learn to braid on the Takadai but never had the time or space for more equipment? Rejoice! With some minor adjustments, it is possible to use the Octo plate to make some one layer Takadai braids using up to 25 tama.  Because of the Octo plate design, the braids […]

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Silky Star

Silky Star (D or M)

Instructor: Rebecca Combs The Silky Star** combines beaded kongoh gumi with bead stitching to create an elegantly embellished necklace.  Learn how to follow a kumihimo stringing chart and how to modify the count for other lengths.  Once you understand the concept, the design possibilities are endless. **This class is a pre-recorded offering affording access at […]

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