Makiko Tada

Japan’s Makiko Tada is largely responsible for the growing international interest in the art of Kumihimo braiding. She creates designs from both traditional patterns and from her own original designs and is an expert on the long history of kumihimo.  After restoring ancient national treasure braids from the Kyoto National Museum, she dedicated them to […]

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Master the Flow

Master the Flow: Transitions in Braids (M)

Instructor: Carolyn Oliver Moving from one braid structure to another in a single length of braiding material is a great way to add visual and tactile interest to a project. In this class students will learn how to make seamless transitions from one structure to another, including how to read the point of braiding to […]

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8-Element Braids

F-Frets to Flowers:
The Many Facets of Edo Yatsu Gumi

Instructor: Rosalie Neilson Edo Yatsu Gumi, when interlaced in a single color, is the 8-element braid used most frequently to accompany a focal bead in a necklace. However, when Edo Yatsu is worked with two colors, the braid itself becomes a patterned cord that can be used as a necklace. Learn how to transpose the […]

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