2021 AKS Braid Challenge

AKS has initiated this challenge to offer you the opportunity to explore braiding outside of your normal braids.  Many of us are proficient in and enjoy braiding with beads, but rarely use fiber.  Or maybe your braiding is mostly completed with silk, but you never utilize some of the unusual yarns.  Maybe you only use a marudai, but want to try a square or octo plate.  Or you have marudai, baby takadai or takadai sitting unused.  There are other materials you may want to try – wire, plastic, ball chain, etc.  Maybe you want to think about mixing fiber with those unusual beads in your stash.  Just remember to include black and white.

Module 1Introduction to 2021 AKS Braid Challenge
Unit 1Introduction to 2021 Braid Challenge
Unit 2Challenge Requirements
Unit 3How to use the class forum
Module 2Fiber Braids
Unit 1Fiber Braid Challenge
Module 3Beaded Braids
Unit 1Beaded Braid Challenge
Module 4Mixed Materials Braids
Unit 1Mixed Materials Braids