Andean Hand Braiding

This class will introduce the basics of Andean hand braiding using a series of 3 basic patterns with two variations. By the end of the class, students will understand how to make these 5 braid patterns in their hand, with no equipment. Students will also gain some understanding of how the specific movements of the individual elements of the braids result in variations in the structure, and the impact of those variations on the pattern and appearance of the braid.

Module 1About This Course
Unit 1About this Course
Unit 2Questions and Discussions
Module 2Initial setup for braiding
Unit 1Andean Hand Braiding Introduction
Unit 2Hand Braid Tool and Supply List
Unit 3Setting up your yarn
Unit 4Setting up to Braid
Module 3Braid #1: Sprials
Unit 1Movement Diagrams for Braid #1
Unit 2Movement Sequence and Concepts
Unit 3Making the Braid
Module 4Spiral Braid Variation
Unit 1Spiral Braid Variation
Unit 2Stitch Bias
Unit 3The Spiral ZigZag
Module 5Vertical Stripes
Unit 1Review of Structure and Tension
Unit 2Vertical Stripe Braid
Module 62 Color ZigZag Braid
Unit 1AHB601: Two Color Zigzag Braid Introduction
Unit 2AHB602: Braiding a Starting Loop
Unit 3AHB603: Starting the braid
Unit 4AHB604: Making the Braid