In Color Theory Simplified you will become more confident about selecting exciting color combinations You will talk like a fine artist and throw around terms like saturation, temperature, and value and be totally unafraid of splitting every complement. You will be using your own kumihimo and beading supplies as well as anything in your home, wardrobe, or magazines that works for the assignment to make the elements of color theory come alive. 

The eCourse will consist of four core classes, students will work through aspects of color. We will have the AKS Forum which is where you will be able to ask questions, share insights and photos.

Module 1 Color Theory Simplified - Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction and List of Materials
Module 2 Color Theory Simplified - The Basics and Beyond
Unit 1 Value
Unit 2 Value - Student Samples
Unit 3 Tints, Pastels, Shades
Unit 4 Tints, Pastels and Shades - Student Samples
Unit 5 The Color Wheel
Unit 6 Intensity
Module 3 Color Theory Simplified - Survey
Unit 1 Color Theory Simplified - Feedback Survey
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