Continuous Beaded Braids

Continuous Beaded Braids are braids that are made with long continuous strands of beads. They are worked on the marudai the same as fiber braids, using bead strands in place of the fiber strands. This class will be marudai based, however, marudai experience is not required.

Module 1Introduction to Continuous Beaded Braids
Unit 1CBB01-1 Course Overview
Unit 2CBB01-2 Supplies, Beads & Cords
Unit 3CBB01-3 Setting Up the Marudai
Unit 4CBB01-4 Loading Beads on Cords and How to use a Bead Spinner
Unit 5CBB01-5 Braiding
Unit 6CBB01-6 Braid Structures
Module 2Module 2 - Exploring Braid Structures
Unit 1CBB02-1 Braid Documentation
Unit 2CBB02-2 Kaku Yatsu (Square Braid)
Unit 3CBB02-3 Hira Kara (Flat Braid)
Unit 4CBB02-4 Z-Ridged Spiral 12
Unit 5CBB02-5 Ridged Spiral with Accent Beads