eStudy Group – CTBI: Maru-dai Braids

Module 1Lesson 1: Book Basics and Japanese Fibers
Unit 1How to use the Class Forum
Unit 2Introduction and Student Supply List
Unit 3Book Basics - The Beginning
Unit 4Book Basics - Materials & Equipment
Unit 5Book Basics - Preparations
Unit 6Japanese Fibers 101
Unit 7Reading Legends & Braid Diagrams
Module 2Lesson 2: Braid structures that reinforce and build on basic moves
Unit 1Let's Braid
Unit 2Basic Move 1
Unit 3Basic Move 1 - continued
Unit 4Basic Move 2
Unit 5Basic Move 3
Unit 6Basic Move 4
Unit 7Basic Move 5
Unit 8Basic Move 6
Module 3Lesson 3: Compound braids and braid variations
Unit 1Intro: Compound braids & braid variations
Module 4Lesson 4: Between the pages; tassels, button hole loops, Furiwake and more
There are no units in this module.