Intro to Marudai Braiding from Catherine Martin by Carolyn Oliver

Welcome to Intro to Marudai Braiding taught by Carolyn Oliver Haushalter. This is an overview eCourse on the basics to get started braiding with precut Silk or Imposter/Biron on a marudai. After fundamental techniques are reviewed, Carolyn will guide students through braids from the Cathryn Martin book \"Kumihimo: Japanese silk braiding techniques.\".


Carolyn Oliver Haushalter has been making jewelry for two decades. In 2006 she discovered kumihimo and it became her favorite technique and obsession. Her favorite braids combine traditional techniques with modern materials.

She has studied extensively with many master braiders, including Rodrick Owen, Jacqui Carey, Rosalie Neilson, and Makiko Tada. Carolyn has been teaching kumihimo for over ten years, including a class at the 2018 AKS Gathering and several online courses for AKS members, as well as in locations around the greater Pittsburgh area, and will be teaching at the 2020 AKS Gathering. She is the event coordinator and former co-chair of Pittsburgh’s Premier Bead Society: OCBPA.

Prerequisite: Participants must have a copy of the book and marudai equipment as listed in the Supply & Materials List


Module 1Introduction and Class Materials
Unit 1Class Introduction
Unit 2Materials & Supply List
Unit 3Using the AKS Class Forum
Module 2Marudai Fundamentals
Unit 1Marudai
Unit 2Tama, Leaders and Counterweights
Unit 3Chopstick, Scissors & Measuring Tape
Module 3Fiber Management
Unit 1Braiding Fibers
Module 4Set up on Marudai
Unit 1Attaching Fibers to Tama and Adding Counterweight
Unit 2Twisting Fibers & Test Braid
Module 5Reading Marudai Diagrams
Unit 1Reading Marudai Patterns
Module 6Participant Survey
Unit 1Survey