Natural Dye Workshop

Dye Workshop is designed for the beginner who wants to explore the possibilities of using natural dyes to color yarns and threads for kumihimo. If you can read and follow a recipe and have access to a stove and water, you’ll be able to produce a variety of colors and have the necessary skills for further exploration. The possibilities are endless!

Module 1NDW00: About AKS OLS
Unit 1NDW00-01: About the OLS
Unit 2NDW00-02: Working through the course modules
Unit 3ND00-03: Discussion Groups
Unit 4NDW00-04: Forum Rules
Module 2NDW01
Unit 1NDW01-1 Welcome & Introduction
Unit 2NDW01-2: Equipment
Unit 3NDW01-3:Setting up a Dye Studio
Unit 4NDW01-4:Dye Kit & Contents
Unit 5NDW01-5:Labeling & Record Keeping
Module 3NDW02
Unit 1NDW02 -1a: Skein, Scour & Mordant
Unit 2NDW02 -1:How to Untangle the Tangle:
Unit 3NDW02-2: Scouring Cotton Skeins
Unit 4NDW02-3: Mordanting Cotton Skeins
Unit 5NDW02-4: Scouring Silk Skeins
Unit 6NDW02-5: Mordanting Silk Skeins
Module 4NDW04: Ready to Dye
Unit 1NDW04-01: The Process of Dyeing Begins
Unit 2NDW04-02: Marigold Dye Instructions
Unit 3NDW04-02a: Marigold Dye Record
Unit 4NDW04-03: Osage Orange Instructions
Unit 5NDW04-03a: Osage Orange Dye Record
Unit 6NDW04-04: Black Walnut Dye Instructions
Unit 7NDW04-04a: Black Walnut Dye Record
Unit 8NDW04-05: Hibiscus Dye Instructions
Unit 9NDW04-05a: Hibiscus Dye Record
Module 5NDW04: More Dyeing
Unit 1NDW05-01: Madder Root Dyeing Instructions
Unit 2NDW05-01a: Madder Root Dye Record
Unit 3NDW05-02: Logwood Dye Instructions
Unit 4NDW05-02a: Logwood Dye Record
Unit 5NDW05-03: Brazilwood Dye Instructions
Unit 6NDW05-03a: Brazilwood Dye Record
Unit 7NDW05-04: Cochineal Dye Instructions
Unit 8NDW05-04a: Cochineal Dye Record
Module 6NDW06: Top Dyeing
Unit 1NDW06-01: Top Dyeing
Module 7NDW07: References and Resources
Unit 1NDW07-01: Books from my Library
Unit 2NDW07-02: Common Mordants used in Natural Dyeing
Unit 3NDW07-03: Suppliers