On Demand – Creative Kumihimo

Instructor: Carolyn Haushalter
A study of 18 braids from Jacqui Carey’s book ‘Creative Kumihimo’. Students who were not able to participate in Carolyn’s eStudy Group now have the opportunity to take the eCourse as independent study On-Demand course. This will allow for students to work at their own pace when time permits. There is no set time or date to 'meet' for class. The class forum is where you can post photos and see what other students have made. Carolyn will occasionally check in to the forum to answer questions and see your progress.
Prerequisite: Access to Jacqui Carey’s book Creative Kumihimo and marudai experience is required. 

Course Material Available: October 1st - December 31st, 2018
Module 1Creative Kumihimo - Part I
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 21. Braids 8A (Kusari Tsunagi) and 16A (Shiro Ogi)
Unit 32. Braids 8D (Kusari Kaku Yatsu) and 16D (Maru Genji)
Unit 43. Braids 8F (Edo Yatsu) and 16N (Naiki Gumi)
Unit 54. Braids 8H (Kaku Yatsu) and 16T (Maru Kara)
Unit 65. Braids 8K (Kara Yatsu) and 16U (Hira Kara)
Unit 76. Braids 8M (Hira Yatsu) and 16AB (Maru Sugi)
Module 2Creative Kumihimo - Part II
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 27. Braid 16E Ishi Datami and two variations
Unit 38. Braid 16F Atsumimi Genji and two variations
Unit 49. Braid 16M Chidori and two variations
Unit 510. Braid 16V Suehiro and one variation
Unit 611. Braid 16Z Yurugi and two variations
Unit 712. Braid 16AD Shinonome and two variations