Thick and Thin with Shirley Berlin

Shirley will be creating what appear to be very different patterns in Kumihimo by using a variety of thicknesses or textures of thread together in the same braid. The braids can be made on either the disc or marudai. Some of the threads you can use include knitting cotton, cotton perle, embroidery floss, and knitting ribbon, to name a few. One project will use different sized beads. Shirley demonstrates several different kumihimo structures using videos throughout the course, starting with a straw-plaiting pattern, Fill-the-Gap.

Module 1Thick and Thin Braids
Unit 1About this class
Unit 2Introduction
Unit 3Department of useful information
Unit 4Making multiple octagonal cards for the Fill-the-Gap braid
Module 2Fill-the-gap: A Straw Plaiting Braid
Unit 1Making a braiding card
Unit 2Fill-the-Gap: Part 2
Unit 3Samples & Examples
Unit 4Final Thoughts
Module 3Kongo-gumi, The Round Braid
Unit 1Kongo-gumi, The Round Braid
Unit 2Notes for disc users
Module 4Square braid variations.
Unit 1Book List
Unit 2Square Braid Round Disc
Unit 3Square Braid Samples
Module 5Flat Braids
Unit 1What You Need for this Braid
Unit 2Making the Braid
Unit 3Variations
Unit 4A Few Words about Flat Braids
Unit 5More Structures
Unit 6Surprise spiral braid, the “trading places” braid.