To our Founding and Supporting Members;

After many unanticipated delays, Gathering Threads is finally available to members. This issue of Gathering Threads is full of fun and very informative articles from Makiko Tada, Shirley Berlin, Jacqui Carey, Rosalie Nielson and many other favorite contributors. Plus there is a report from the Education Committee highlighting all the team’s initiatives designed to expand the website content in 2024.

This year we are testing a different delivery approach – PDFs. Why a PDF? First off, it is faster: you do not need to wait for the mail to deliver the issue to your address. Second, no risk that it will get lost in the mail. Third, it is more cost effective: as costs — from postage to printing — are increasing, a PDF is a far more affordable alternative. Since this is the first time we are taking this approach, your feedback will be welcome.

And based on the initial feedback, we are providing two PDF formats:
Book format (i.e. two page spreads). Available to download by accessing via Resources on the main tool bar.
Single page document (similar to a handout you would get in a class). Available to download by accessing via Resources on the main tool bar.
You are welcome to download and print whichever format you prefer.
If you would like to download and print the book format, there is a an additional step you may want to take as Acrobat PDF Reader automatically shrinks spreads to fit 8.5×11 pages:
– Go to the Print menu
– Uncheck “Fit”
– Check “Custom Scale” and type 70%
This scale will reduce the margins but will give you a larger more readable print
As always, make sure you have the latest version of Acrobat PDF Reader which is free.
Lastly, make sure you save the PDF in a easy to find location so that you can easily refer back to it anytime you want.

I hope you will enjoy this issue.


Additional Information about Gathering Threads 24:

– This publication is available for download to our Founding and Supporting Members.

– The download capability will be available until August 1, 2024.

– If you have any questions or issues, reach out to AKS at Contact Us