Elliott Evans’ Braids

Kumihimo – 16-element Braiding on the Marudai by Rosalie Neilson

Various 16-tama marudai braids

In addition to the AKS, I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (an international medieval recreation group). In the society, when we recognize the dedication and abilities of our members, we induct them into an “order” of some kind such as the “Order of the Sycamore” for arts and research in my home Kingdom of Aethelmearc. This induction usually includes bestowing a medallion on the new member, which medallion displays the badge of the order. This creates a bottomless need for medallion cords. I got tired of seeing proud medallions being hung from bits of string or lengths of leather thong. So, I began braiding medallion cords on my marudai and presenting them to new Kingdom sovereigns at their coronations. I try to make 6 cords each reign, or 12 per year. Most of these have been 8-tama braids, but after working with Rosalie in 2017, I started making 16-tama cords almost exclusively. These cords will be presented to Their Majesties at Their coronation on September 24th.