Hello AKS Members,

Now that the In Person Gathering is over, AKS is seeking pictures of your braids. Specifically, a braid you made for the In Person Gathering, any AKS class or a braid inspired by an AKS class. Click below for a PDF of the classes that AKS has offered. You will be as surprised as we were at how many classes and the variety of offering methods since the founding of AKS. Your braid picture will be featured on the Home Page of the website. Also, your picture maybe used elsewhere in the website unless you indicate otherwise.

In addition to your braid you may choose to share your thoughts about the braid, the process, or anything related to the braid.

Please take the time to scroll through your pictures or take a new one for sharing with your AKS friends. We thank you for your support and look forward to showing off your work.

A few notes:

  • Click here for the list of classes – it’s definitely a stroll down memory lane.
  • Pictures need to be square and no larger than 256 mb. Most basic photo editing tools support this. It is highly recommended that you watermark your pictures.
  • Scroll down to submit your braid.
  • See Share Your Braid – 08/22 on the Home Page to see the posting of Maureen Perry’s braid.

Information about the braid featured in this announcement:

Phyllis Straus’ Braid

Heart Sasanami class by Masumi Tada

Heart Sasanami Braid

Phyllis’ Comments: Thank you, Masumi Tada & Sumie Kiyosawa, for sharing this lovely heart braid.
I really enjoyed braiding this design on the marudai. Now, after Masumi’s discussion on tension, I realize I am a rather unbalanced braider. In that regard my braid has ‘artistic’, off-balance hearts. I will definitely try this braid again to see if I can get more balance on my tension.

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