Hand Loop-braiding (N)

Instructor: Masumi Tada

Thursday, October 1

This class is a mixture of Japanese historical loop braiding and Maru-dai. The original braid called “Chion-in”, would have been made using 40 loops and 2 people. However, in class, students will create double square braids by themselves using a smaller number of threads. Masumi will demonstrate how to translate a loop braid so that students can experience loop braiding with wool yarns. Then, they can make a silk bracelet on the marudai with the arrangement of thread-translation for loop braiding.

Kit: $30.00, includes wool yarns and Japanese pre-cut silk threads

Equipment provided by the student: Marudai, 16 tama, 50% counterweight, scissors

Skill Level: Intermediate – Students must have experience making fiber braids on a marudai.