Reply To: Questions, Comments, or Photographs for Discussion on 3 Braids with Makiko Tada


For Hira-Nejiri 1 you do AB 4x then C, so ABABABABC.  Or (AB)4x (C).

I just finished all 3 twisted braids and was impressed with how clear the instructions are (as long as I did not over think it).  I had to do the 3rd braid this morning with a clear mind, but it was not as scary as the length of the diagram suggests.  It helped me to understand the big picture in the steps in Hira-Nejiri 3:

AB is the same as braid Hira-Nejiri 1: Edo-Yatsu and Hira-Kongoh.

C is a repositioning step to rearrange colors.

E is inside Edo-Yatsu

F is outside Edo-Yatsu. ***

Steps E & F are covered first in Makiko’s video as color switching before she gives detailed instructions on the 3 twisted braids.

G is another color repositioning step to be set up to repeat from the beginning.


*** I was a little confused by the diagrams in F since there are adjacent tamas moving  with multiple arrows.  Makiko’s video clearly shows how to do this, but I did not realize it was outside Edo-Yatsu until I braided it twice!  You just grab these adjacent tamas and move them as a unit, keeping the unit’s relative tama positions  unchanged.  This might be more obvious to more experienced braiders, but since it was new to me, I figured it might be new to others.