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If your computer and TV both have HDMI connections, it is really simple to set up.  You need an HDMI cable.  Sometimes computers/laptops (especially Apple laptops) have mini-HDMI ports, so you would need an adapter or non-standard cable.  Most Windows hardware uses standard HDMI ports, that look exactly like your TV’s HDMI port and will use a standard HDMI cable.

I used my TV remote to switch inputs to the HDMI port I was using.

My Laptop (Dell) instantly mirrored my screen output to the TV.  Screen handling varies from brand to brand.  If you google your computer make/model and “screen mirror” or “screen duplicating” you should find how to info for your computer.  But most newer computers make this pretty easy.

Some TVs will allow you to wirelessly connect a TV to a laptop.  My TV is too old for that.  Some wireless connections only work for specific applications like NetFlicks or Chrome and might not work for ZOOM.