Reply To: Questions, Comments, or Photographs for Discussion on 3 Braids with Makiko Tada


My brain was having trouble with Hira-Kongoh, which is funny because it is probably the easiest step.  But Makiko seemed to have more twist in her point of braiding than I did on Hira-Kongoh, and I could not figure out why.  I think I was doing it right all along, my point of braiding was just looser somehow in the beginning.

I am loving the bird’s eye view of these videos.   They are so clear.  I am sure an in person class would allow feedback when I am doing something wrong and I do not realize it.  But the virtual learning lets me pick a time where my mind is clear to braid.  Lets me walk away when I need to.  Lets me take more time when I need it and move on when I feel like it.  I am less distracted by fellow students.  I have less “performance” anxiety.  Frankly, it is a pretty nice environment for learning!  (Yes I am an introvert.)

I have been using KnitCompanion on my phone for its counters, since I seem to lose count on these braids where you repeat 6x to 9x.  I noticed there are other more simple and free counter apps which I may try.  I am started to be able to “read” the finished braid to count the repeats too.  Does anyone else have a secret to keeping count?  Maybe I need to learn to count with my toes?

3 twisted braids