Reply To: Student’s Braids


I didn’t take a photo but will describe how I set up the bead cords.   I  “paired” 2 cords of 11/0’s in black matte and shiny black with 2 cords cords with 11/0’s of both blacks with a combo of 11/0’s of bright sterling and silver lined crystal that all were tossed in the bead spinner.    The other set of cords had 2 with just the mix of silvers and 2 with the total black/silver mix that had 4mm Swarovski bicone crystals every inch or so.   I staggered where I put the crystals as you had pointed out in your presentation   For the “crystal” strands, I used 10 lb  fireline since that’s all I had in the house.  The other beads cords were micro slon in black and silver.   I couldn’t get used to doing the edo yatsu on the diagonal for the outside section.    So I “cheated” and turned the Marudai when I worked that section, then turned it back for the kawari edo yatsu.