Reply To: Questions, Comments, or Photographs for Discussion on Baby Takadai


Maureen, I am not sure I understand your comment.  Let me take a stab at a response based on my understanding.  But please clarify if you can.

The diagrams included in the handout represent the two sides of the takadai where the Koma are located.  Each circle is one bundle with tama/bobbin.  If you look at your set up, you will notice that you are not moving vertically and horizontally, but on a diagonal: you start at the very top of the right side and move the working bundle to the bundle on the left side.  The zoom session video should show that.  Therefore, you never make  horizontal rows as you would on a weaving loom.

Mondrian is what I was using in the session on Saturday and it is a bit sticky.  It does help to have a smooth sword.