Reply To: Questions, Comments, or Photographs for Discussion on Baby Takadai


Thank you for the “cutting” suggestions.  I was sort of coming to the realization that perhaps the best way to separate pieces was to do extra so that you can “cut out” the part between to give clean edges to the parts wanted.

Thank you, too, for the suggestion to look at Rodrick’s book.  I sort of glossed over the finishing part when I read it a couple months ago, prior to even thinking I would have a takadai to make braids on in the near future.  Now would be a good time to go back to that section and more!

I would appreciate a demo during the Q&A if there is time.  I’m having fun playing with the “Baby Takadai” and learning about how to braid with it — how to beat, how to adjust weights, when to advance.  All of these you presented well in your talk last week.  Well done, thank you.